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Exercises for a neck - bending the neck, lying, buy clenbuterol and other techniques.

Effective exercise for the front of the neck. Technique: Lie across a horizontal bench so that the neck could move freely, but shoulders all surface rest on the bench. By performing these exercises for the neck , Fold the triangle and put a towel on the nose. Then this "litter" put a pancake (which you can afford to). Clutching his forehead, tilt the head back up to about 45 degrees below the neutral position. Then raise it until the chin touches the chest.

Extension of the neck in the simulator Smith - a very difficult exercise, not for beginners. Technique of this exercise on the neck: Set the bench Smith simulator horizontally as lying for the bench. Secure the neck of the bar at a level so you can freely take a starting position. Use the neck with a soft roller or put on the base of the skull folded towel. Then move the head at the neck so that it rested on the towel as close as possible to the base of the skull. By performing these exercises for the neck, both hands lean on the bench directly under the stamp, leave one leg on the floor, and the other put his knee on the bench. Fix the position of the body, hold back parallel to the floor. If necessary, ask your partner to lift the neck. Bend head so that his chin touched his chest.Then slowly begin to straighten the neck until the person does not will be about "halfway" from horizontal to vertical. Remember, your partner all the time should have been on the alert!

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The exercises for the neck muscles - exercise using helmets and other head.

Now head helmet is not uncommon, it is sold in almost all sports shops. Head helmet consists of several canvas ribbons firmly fixed to each other.

Technique of this exercise for the muscles of the neck: wearing tight helmet and securing weights, to lift the head. To exercise the front surface of the neck muscles is necessary to go back on a horizontal bench so that the rear mounted on the helmet hanging weight. Head down, down as much as possible without jerks, lift it slowly. Non-stop to repeat 20-25 times. I do this exercise for the muscles of the neck with a weight of 75 kg. For the back of the neck: to lay down a breast on a horizontal bench. Weight is attached to the helmet front. Lowering and lifting the head. My operating weight of 40 kg. In addition, lying on your side, using a helmet, practice your side surfaces tilted his head to the shoulders of the neck muscles at full amplitude. Note: buy clenbuterol the neck muscles in untrained people are weak and can be easily hurt, so be careful and always start training with small weights.

Wrestling bridge - a complex exercise. Technique: kneeling, his head resting on a soft cloth and, at first helping hands to make circular motions in opposite directions, as well as forward - backward. Making up of fatigue.

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