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A few years ago I was walking along the bank of a narrow quiet river and suddenly anavar for sale noticed on the other side a hefty bull. That son of a bitch - I thought. - Do not do any exercise with a barbell and yet work up such a mass! Where did he take her? Later I was able to solve the riddle for yourself by reading library books on animal husbandry. The whole thing - in biochemistry. More precisely, in enhanced secretion of glands own bovine growth hormone. Do not go to us, bodybuilders, in the same manner? If you came from the bull, why not come with us?

The sides of the same coin

Anabolism and catabolism ... You certainly know very well what it is. First - this is only part of the total picture. This is a background process, a consequence of another, far more important physiological process - catabolism. Alas, anabolism is never without the prior destruction of muscle protein during exercise. You lose weight for Saturday and Sunday, when you sit at home doing nothing? That's right. However, exercise should not be - will be too much. Where is the exit? Seek the advice of nature. Recall bear. He sleeps in the den four long months of winter and comes out so, as if to sleep last night! Can you imagine what would happen to your muscles if you do not train her one hundred and twenty days? How did the bear manage to keep their muscles?Due to the artificial slowing down catabolism! If we want to pump up the impressive mass, we need to follow the example of the bear, and do the same as it is: slow down catabolism. But that is not all. We need like a bull strengthen anabolism due to increased secretion of growth hormone. Is this possible? Yes, and in the framework of the same innovative techniques!

secretion Secret

Exercises destroy muscle cells . This is called anavar for sale catabolism. The longer do exercise, the more catabolism. The longer and more difficult recovery. Decrease catabolism easily. It is enough to reduce the total training time. How much? Hint, we make growth hormone. This super hormone that helps the bull, stands out in a bodybuilder immediately after the start of training and continues to flow into the blood from glands for another 30-40 minutes. Then the hormone level drops dramatically. From this it is evident that the training should be cut back to half an hour. Then at the end of training will be the growth hormone peak concentration! Sincerely sorry for all those who are delayed in the room longer. They are wasting their time. But that's not all. With the help of special techniques can be incredibly increased secretion of growth hormone! Just like a bull! A total of one exercise should account for 4 sets.

The first set slow repetitions are many, very light weight.

Second set : to increase the weight, reps of 6-8.

Third Set : submaximal weight (up to 80% of the maximum), 4 reps.

Fourth set : light weight, 20 reps (to absolute muscular failure).

In general, the scheme looks like this workout. Work will be daily. Each workout shake all 5 major muscle groups, but each group accounts for just one exercise. Remember: every day one exercise per muscle group as described above! Now, everything dropped the catabolism of a bear, anabolism - just like the bull.

All of this theory? No, I had to try out their ideas on anavar for sale students. They - loved it! Try it yourself. And you also do not bypass the paradoxical result: less exercise, and weight becomes more and more!

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