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For many years, I competed side by side with the best athletes of the world. Competition experience gave me an important lesson: there is no point to complain about the genetics, everyone has flaws. Someone of my anabolic steroids for sale rivals were weak hands, someone had the nature of a narrow chest. Personally, I have not grown eggs. Another thing that great athletes never put up with the shortcomings.They are aggressively looking for ways to correct the genetic malfunction and eventually turn their weakness into strength.

This time I want to teach you the secrets of the professional nature of the error correction. It's about the most common problems of bodybuilding.

The drawback : Not growing biceps.

Medicine : the curl while sitting.

Recipe : In this case, do not help standing classic climbs on the biceps. Weak hamstrings are simply not able to wrest from the lowest point of the post much weight. Well, a small weight is not suited to a strong part of the trajectory where the biceps should be the most intense effort. Meanwhile, there is a solution! Make ups sitting! Take the straight bar and seriously its Load (10-20% above normal operating weight). Sit on a bench with a short straight back and keep the neck at the height of the knees.

Powerful lift the bar to the collarbone. The amplitude of the turns is very small, but it does not matter. The main thing is that the load on the biceps was the best. The rest of the exercises are done in a full range of motion.


The disadvantage : smooth quadriceps.

Remedy : Front squats.

Recipe : The best exercise for the quadriceps - squats. If it does not work, you may have weakened hamstrings and buttocks. As a result, they limit the operating weight of the bar, and it turns anabolic steroids for sale out to be too small for the quadriceps. How to be here? You want to perform squats on his chest. They carry the load on the quadriceps due to the front position of the bar on and off of the exercise the muscles of your thighs.

Remember, front squats - do not support, and most importantly exercise for you! Do it instead of the classic sit-ups steadily increasing operating weight!


The disadvantage : smooth calf.

Remedy : Trisety.

Recipe : Calves have a particular texture of fabric - an unusually hardy. In order to increase eggs, they must be extremely intense bombing. But this alone is not enough. We need frequent exercise and a huge volume of training load. Here's my advice: train eggs 3-4 times per week, using 3-4 triseta of ups on your toes while standing, sitting and in the slope. In each set of at least 15-20 repetitions.


The disadvantage : smooth delta.

Remedy : heavy lifting in hand.

Recipe : If Delta does not grow, so when the base presses the load moves out to the front beams. As a result, the average beam chronically underperforming, and because the shoulders and remain narrow. This sometimes happens because of excessive love for zhimam lying. Breast shorten and reduce shoulders. Formed handmade slouch. She leaves the middle beams without work. So they went to the growth needed upgrades to the side. They are usually performed as grinds movement, but in this case they need to raise a lot of force. Pick up a dumbbell 15-20 kg and start the fight.You must come in a set of 6-8 repetitions. Even partial, half anabolic steroids for sale or one third of the amplitude. Fight until repetitions are clean. Then take a heavier dumbbell, and again in the battle!

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